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Neste MY Renewable Diesel ™ is the best diesel alternative of this moment, with which you can immediately reduce the CO2 emissions of your existing fleet to a minimum. Neste MY Renewable Diesel ™ can also be referred to as HVO100. The abbreviation HVO stands for “Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil”. This type of diesel fuel is produced from hydrotreated vegetable oils and residual waste, such as animal fats. The number “100” after HVO indicates that it is a sustainable diesel of high quality in the purest form (100%), not mixed.

EG Group only supplies Neste MY Renewable Diesel that is fully manufactured from ‘used cooking oil’ (100% HVO-UCU) and therefore not from palm oil, soybean oil and other food crops.

Neste MY Renewable Diesel ™ is a full-fledged diesel replacement and can be used immediately without technical modifications. Neste MY Renewable Diesel ™ is considerably less harmful to the environment and ensures up to 90% lower greenhouse gas emissions and 33% less particulate matter compared to fossil diesel. Neste MY Renewable Diesel ™ is a true drop-in fuel. Suitable for all diesel engines and ready to use.

  • Up to 90% less Co2 emissions
  • Odorless and colorless
  • Cleaner combustion
  • Powerful and efficient
  • Superior cold-weather performance
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • EN15940 rating for paraffinic diesel fuel

NesteMy Factsheet NL 230620

From now on you can refuel Neste MY Renewable Diesel at more than 50 of our fuel stations in the Netherlands and we can often deliver it homebase within 24 hours.

More information? Visit or contact us at or 076 799 63 01.

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