EG Fuel is part of EG Group, a leading independent gas station retailer in Europe, North America and Australia with an established reputation for providing fuel, lubricant, convenience and food-to-go offerings. EG Group currently manages more than 6,000 petrol stations around the world, under various A brands.

Are you looking for possibilities to exploit your petrol station? We operate under the brands Texaco (Xpress), Esso (Express) and Firezone. Please contact us for the possibilities.


In just over 100 years, Texaco has grown into a strong and world-famous brand. The familiar logo with the pentagonal star is part of our collective memory.

Did you know that:

  • … the star of the Texan flag inspired that of Texaco? Texaco and the pentagonal star have been an inseparable duo since 1903.
  • … the big T in the logo turned green for 72 years? In 1909, manager John Romeo Miglietta thus chose, in combination with the red star, the colors of his native Italy.
  • … the current logo hasn’t changed since 1981? In this way it could grow into a strong and trusted brand image.

As a Texaco retailer, you are part of an extensive and strategic network in the Benelux. If you join our network, we offer you maximum support to achieve your goals. Texaco has its own loyalty program Texaco Stars, and supports retailers with their sales story through marketing- and promotional campaigns. Texaco is more than just a fuel supplier. We have the total package ready for our retailers! Do you have questions or are you looking for support on a commercial or strategic level? Our Area Sales Manager is happy to help you!



Esso is, besides Texaco, also a brand that is well known, especially in the Benelux. The Esso brand guarantees high-quality products. It has been around for over 125 years! Esso has a large network in the Benelux with more than 800 stations. Esso has its own loyalty program Esso Extra’s. Esso guarantees a safe and reliable supply.

Did you know that:

  • Esso and Mobil technology partners of Aston Martin Red Bull racing?
  • Esso offer a strong and complete range of high performance Esso-synergy fuels at the fuel stations?
  • Esso conducts a customer experience survey every 3 months by means of Mystery shoppers to keep service at the highest level?

Third Party Cards

EG Group is affiliated with various card issuers for its retail stations, the so-called Third Party Cards (TPC). EG Group accepts 47 cards on its network in the Benelux and France, at stations under the Esso, Texaco, BSP, Firezone and BP umbrella.

Did you know that:

  • Most TPC cards are accepted in both the Benelux and France?
  • We have 553 sites in the Netherlands, where 37 TPCs are accepted?
  • We have 233 sites in Belgium, where 34 TPCs are accepted?
  • We have 18 sites in Luxembourg, where 34 TPCs are accepted?
  • We have 339 sites in France, where 25 TPCs are accepted?


Do you have questions about exploiting your petrol station by / through EG Group? Or would you like to know more about the acceptance of your card on the EG network in the Benelux or France? Please feel free to contact us via: of +31 (0)76 799 6600

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