EG Group has an extensive range of lubricants and is the exclusive authorized distributor of Texaco lubricants. The warehouse in IJsselstein where we have all sorts of lubricants on stock, which offers EG Group the possibility to deliver ordered products within 24 hours. In addition to an extensive range of packaged lubricants, EG Group has a distribution system for bulk deliveries of lubricants.

Please fill in the request form or ask our back office (+31 (0)76 799 63 14) about the possibilities and the product range.


Texaco Lubricants – a trademark of Chevron – advanced lubricants improve performance across Europe with a comprehensive range of passenger car engine oils, heavy duty diesel engine oils for trucks such as Delo heavy duty engine oil, in addition to antifreeze and a wide range of industrial lubricants. With over 100 years of experience in Europe, our ranges of automotive and industrial lubricants under the Texaco®, Chevron®, Havoline®, Delo®, HDAX® and Techron® brands include various engine oils, transmission fluids, gear oils, lubricating greases, hydraulic fluids, gas engine oils, paper machine oils and turbine oils.

You can visit the online recommendation tool of the Texaco lubricants for the right lubricating oil for your vehicle.

You can find all of the product information and the product safety documents of Texaco lubricants here.

You can also consult the product E-guide to find information about the Texaco lubricants per category/product range.

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